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Terms of Donation:

  • Any purchase on this site is equivalent to a DONATION. By making a donation on this website, you are accepting that your money is considered a donation (NOT a purchase!) to help pay for our server and keep it running. Thank you!


  • The rewards listed on this site are to provide a "thank you" for your donation. We are not obligated to give you a reward, and if you at any point get banned from our server, you are not obligated to compensation.


  • If you get banned from our server or services at any point, you will not receive compensation or a "refund" - as your money is a donation, not a business transaction.


  • You MUST be 13 years of age or older to make a donation on our site. If you do not meet this age, please do not make a donation on this site!


  • Forced chargebacks against our account are an instant perma-ban. By definition, you have donated to our server, there is no "refund" to receive. The reason for this is chargebacks against our account means that we get charged an extra amount to "refund" you - costing us money!


  • WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A REFUND TO YOU FOR ANY REASON. Your donation is a DONATION, not a PURCHASE. By continuining with your donation, you are accepting these terms!


  • Donation rewards are subject to change at any time for any reason! Do not complain to us if things change. Once again, you are donating, not buying things. We are not obligated to provide rewards.